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About Us

Athen Labs is an organization dedicated to turning innovative ideas into high-performance software products and technological solutions. We combine a passion for technology with the expertise of our talented team to deliver exceptional software projects. We are committed to providing customized and efficient solutions for companies across various industries.

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What Athen can do for you:

  • Software Development
  • Technology Consulting
  • UX/UI Design
  • Maintenance and Support

Our work methodology

ALISF (Athen Labs Innovative Solutions Framework) is a methodology for success. It starts with project initiation, defining objectives and creating a plan. Next, requirements are analysed and user stories are defined. The design phase focuses on creating intuitive interfaces and selecting appropriate technologies. Development follows Agile principles, with code quality and continuous integration. Assurance includes comprehensive testing and user acceptance. Deployment and maintenance ensure smooth transitions and ongoing support. Throughout the process, collaboration with clients is key, with open communication and knowledge transfer. ALISF embodies innovation, excellence, collaboration, integrity, customer focus, and continuous learning, delivering exceptional software solutions.

Our Team

Alício Alves

Partner Developer@alicioalves

Augusto Sardinha

Partner Developer@augustosardinha

Gabriel S. Cardoso

Partner Developer@eng-gabrielscardoso

Luana Maria


Contact Us

  • +55 91 986253389
  • hello@athenlabs.io
  • @athenlabs
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